Mulan: A Fancasting For A Live Action Adaptation


A middleaged Mulan (Ming Na-Wen) is looking back on her life, recalling the time she saved China from one who would destroy its people, culture and traditions.

This is the story of a young Chinese warrior called Mulan (Zhu Zhu). When she learns that a wicked tyrant who goes by the name Shan Yu (Ken Watanabe) is on his way with an army of Huns to take over China, she does what anyone would. She tells the Emperor who then informs General Li (Ahn Sung Ki) and Li Shang (Remy Hii). Together, they must defeat Shan Yu and stop him from becoming emperor of China. This is easier said than done as there are forces out there who’d like to see them fail. This is a tale of political intrigue, love, power, war and greed but also morality and the traditions of East Asia.

Narrator: Ming Na-Wen (through occasional voiceovers)

Director: Ang Lee

Screenwriters: John Fusco & Ang Lee

Distrubted By: Warner Bros.

Fight Choreographer: Brett Chan

Music: Ramin Djawadi

Main Cast

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NB: This is a darker take on the classic Disney movie and would be more of a Marco Polo meets Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It’ll transform from the comedic Disney musical to a serious period, romantic, martial arts drama. Like many martial arts heavy adventures, both the male and female characters will be well-versed with the different fighting styles. It wouldn’t be a martial arts feature without a badass fight-scene from Michelle Yeoh would it?

Supporting Cast

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This could work as either a two-part movie duology or a television miniseries of one ten episode season that would air on HBO or Netflix, at one hour per episode.