Make America Great Again: A Fancasting For A TV Political Satire

‘Make America Great Again’ is the phrase millions of people heard throughout Trump’s presidential campaign. Months later we now know Trump as President of the United States and to many, the Great Dictator and the man would bring the end of the world.

Here, I have done a fancasting of a few of the key players in the hysteria that shrouded the world during the election. This hysteria is still among us, as we hear tales of protesters taking to the streets on a daily basis, not just in America but across the world as well.

My interpretation of ‘Make America Great Again’ is going is a political cocktail of American Crime Story, House Of Cards and The Thick Of It. In essence, it’s a comedy drama with a serious subtext.

My miniseries will take place in an eighteen-month timeline and end with the highly controversial inauguration of now US President, Donald Trump.

Democrat & Other

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Created & Written By: Beau Willmon

Series Director: Armando Iannucci

Music: Rupert Gregson-Williams


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Distribution: BBC Two (UK) & HBO (US)

No. Seasons: One

No. Episodes: Ten

Supporting Characters

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Country Of Origin: United States

Running Time: 55mins

Certificate: 18

Foreign Powers

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Funny until he won the election!