Suicide Squad: Assault On Arkham: A Live Action Fancasting

In Gotham CIty The Riddler (David Tennant) has acquired some sensitive information on Task Force X and threatens to make it public before Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) can have him executed, but he is quickly captured by the Batman (Ben Affleck). With The Riddler in Arkham Asylym, Waller puts together a squad of bad guys and gives them the task of infiltrating Arkham and extracting the information from the him, by any means necessary.

Led by Deadshot (Ryan Gosling), this secret team navigate their way into the facility only to find obstacles within and outside the team, riddled with hidden agendas and double crosses everywhere. In the meantime, the Batman is in search of The Joker (Jake Gyllenhaal) because our cackling clown has planted a dirty bomb that could level the city. Eventually, these characters all meet in the asylum for a showdown that few will escape alive…hence ‘Suicide Squad.’

Suicide Squad

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Director: Quentin Tarantino

Screenwriters: Geoff Johns & David Ayer


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Cinematography: Cary Fukunaga

Motion Capture: Weta Workshop

Supporting Characters

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Musical Score: Christopher Drake

Running Time: 120 mins

Distribution: Warner Bros.

Cameo Roles

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Anyhow, Assault On Arkham is one of my favourite DC animated movies and I think it’d make for a wonderful translation to the live action format on the big screen. This is the Suicide Squad movie we deserved.

You know what they say about the crazy ones