Justice League Dark: A Live Action Fancasting

Justice League Dark is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the dark side of vigilante justice. This is the story of an entourage of supernatural heroes who group together to fight the mystical and the occult. These are supernatural threats that the real Justice League are powerless against.

Here’s my fancasting:

Main Characters

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Director: Doug Liman

Writers: Michael Gilio & John Logan

Supporting Characters

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Cinematography: Larry Fong

Motion Capture: Weta Workshop


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Musical Score: Ramin Djawadi

Running Time: 130 mins

Distributor: Warner Bros.

Cameo Roles

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It’s already been confirmed that Warner Bros are taking on live action Justice League Dark, and this would be my ideal cast for the movie. This cast is inspired on the recent animated movie with the addition of a few characters who I thought would be good in the live action format as well.

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