The High Sparrow

The High Sparrow is the present High Septon of the Faith of the Seven. His real name is a mystery as they abandon their names when they take office. He is a small and skinny man. Aren’t crannogmen supposed to be small and skinny? Isn’t Howland Reed described in such a way? We met his children Meera & Jojen. They were very petit, being from The Neck. They went with Bran beyond The Wall. Sparrow does not burden himself with gold and flamboyant jewellery like his predecessors. He is bound to his faith and nothing will deter from it. It is rather like trying to pull Daenerys away from Meereen. You can try all you want but she is staying put. She’s been there for two books. Hasn’t she grown bored yet?

Not a lot is known of his origins. HIgh Sparrow claims to have been a Septon who travelled all over the realm. His heavily hardened feet support this story. They are darkened and incredibly hard. Frequently, he would stumble upon villages that were too small to have their own septs. There, he performed the standard duties of a Septon, such as naming newborn children, forgive sins and perform marriages.

We don’t meet High Sparrow until book four, A Feast For Crows. He is famous for politically screwing Cersei. She tries to claim that Margaery Tyrell bedded Osney Kettleback by having him confess to it. Osney then confesses to the real truth and say Cersei made him lie for her. He then says that he killed the previous High Septon on her orders. Cersei visits the Great Sept of Baelor where she is arrested and charged with treason and adultery. She then has to perform a Penance Walk through the capital. Margaery and Cersei are still to be put on trial. Cersei demands trial by combat naming Ser Robert Strong as her champion (Frankengregor/Revived Ser Gregor Clegane). Trial by comat seems to be awfully common of late. Margaery demands trial by the Faith.

The second trailer to season five was much better than the first. We saw more of the characters and we were not distracted by David Bowie. That was a poor choice of cover track for the first trailer. One of the most memorable parts of the trailer is when the High Septon says “You are the few, we are the many..we serve the gods and the gods demand justice“. I thought this was a pretty badass quote. The way he said it was legendary. High Sparrow will be played by Jonathan Pryce. I think that is one of many badass quotes to come.

Season 5 premieres on April 12