Fancasting British Literature: C. S. Lewis’ The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

This is the fifth in a thread of posts in which I’ve been fancasting C. S. Lewis’ acclaimed The Chronicle’s of Narnia series and is the direct sequel to Prince Caspian.

Staying in the house of their obnoxious cousin Eustace Scrubb (Finn Wolfhard) and his parents who he calls Harold (Geoffrey Rush) and Alberta (Emily Watson), Lucy (Dafne Keen) and Edmund (Levi Miller) are whisked off to Narnia once again, but this time with their cousin too.
When a painting of a ship sailing on the Eastern Ocean overflows, the whole room fills up with water. In the next moment, they’re being rescued by King Caspian (Avan Jogia) and the crew of The Dawn Treader.
Caspian explains that Narnia is at peace, three years and counting. However, before he took his throne back his uncle Miraz tried to assassinate the seven lords of Telmar, loyal allies to his father Caspian IX.
They fled to The Lone Islands and nothing has been heard of them since. Now his son is seeking out his father’s friends with Captain Drinian (Stephen Dillane), the brave mouse Reepicheep (Ben Whishaw) and other loyal Narnians.
But it’s not long until they see sinister goings on in the form of a green mist. With the help of the kings and queens of old and subsequently Eustace too, Caspian and company are thrust into a quest to retrieve the seven swords of Telmar to save Narnia from ultimate ruin.

My Cast

Main Characters

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Creator: Ronald D. Moore (Outlander)

Writers: Anne Kenney & Julian Jones (Merlin)

Series Director: Anna Foerster

Musical Score: Bear McCreary (Black Sails)

Supporting Characters

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Cinematographer: Anne Foerster

No. Seasons: One

No. Episodes: Eight

Distribution: BBC One (UK) & Starz (US)

Antagonists (Side Quests)

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Production: BBC Wales & Sony Pictures Televison

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Running Time: 60 mins

Certificate: PG

Additional Characters

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This is the first story where the religious metaphors are gift-wrapped, as we are taken to the gates of Aslan’s country