Poetry: Where Good Men Go To Die

We’re in a bloody war
With bodies littered on the floor
Terrorists killing at will
Without mercy

The public are scared
Because of what the media aired
Some call it truth
Which it is to a degree
Whilst the refugees flee

More like Islamophobic propaganda
While these officials lay about like a bloody panda
They talk a big game, and then,
give the order to kill and maim

Bomb these villages, towns and places
Then we see children with distorted faces
Mothers, fathers, daughter, sons

Now they’re split into factions as we all are
The Syrian uprisings have turned violent
Whilst the West’s political games
Resulted in more poverty and loss of life

Syria is now in a civil war
As Europe is with ISIS
And now we must end this crisis
London, Paris, who’s next?
Berlin? Washington?

These cities are just moves on a chessboard
They are the King’s Gambit, the En passant
All parts in a bigger scheme
Winning the battle but not the war

The battles in no-man’s land endure
We don’t negotiate with terrorists
Says the West
What has humanity become?
Killers? Murderers? Thieves?

We’re fighting a war
But the battlefield is only in the East
It is online and in the streets
Whilst the Russians mobilise their fleets

Syria is more than guns
It’s chemical warfare
Human rights violations
With devastating connotations

The west is playing monopoly with war
The sweet scent of cash boosting the economy
Money for the blood of the people
It’s insane

How was the war sir?
As any war is
A waste of good men