Valar Morghulis: Who’s Next To Die?

The ten most threatened characters in season five.

Petyr Baelish

He looks to be in a spot of bother with The Sparrows in the promo trailer for S05E06. Cersei Lannister has sent a raven for Littlefinger. It finds him at Winterfell and he has been summoned to Kings Landing. There’s also a chance that Cersei has found out about Sansa’s betrothal to The Bastard Of Bolton, Ramsay. Olenna Tyrell is back in Kings Landing. Maybe Joffery’s murder has come back to haunt them. They are making many deviations from the books. Who knows?

Ramsay Bolton

House Bolton are known throughout the entire North as turncloaks, as Roose Bolton betrayed the Starks at The Red Wedding by thrusting a dagger into Robb Stark’s heart. Ramsay is set to marry Sansa. The whole North want to see the Bolton’s heads on spikes. I think we will have another Red Wedding this season but we shall call it “The Pink Wedding”. As much as I love the Boltons, I don’t think they will both survive the season. Ramsay will be flayed in true Bolton style. The flayed man is on their banners after all. It would be a fitting end.

Ser Loras Tyrell

Cersei tricked Tommen into reinstating the ancient right to The Faith called The Faith Militant. She tipped them off that Ser Loras is a homosexual. This goes against all religious law in Westeros as it is seen as unholy and impure. He was taken by the Sparrows led by the reformed Lancel Lannister. I don’t see Ser Loras leaving this season alive considering Westeros’ stance on homosexuality. Olenna has come back to Kings Landing in support of her grandson Ser Loras.

Brienne Of Tarth

Brienne takes her vows of honor very seriously. She gave Lady Catelyn her word that she’d find and protect Sansa & Arya. She means to keep that promise even if they don’t want her help. Last we saw, Brienne she had managed to get a message to Sansa saying to light a candle at the broken tower of Winterfell if she ever was in need of aid. Stannis marches on Winterfell as we speak. Brienne had said time and time again that she would kill Stannis for killing his own brother Renly whom she loved.


I somehow think he will be killed in Dorne by Areo Hotah or one of the Sand Snakes.Bronn is so killable at this point. He isn’t a driving force to the plot. He is merely a witty side character.

Maester Aemon Targaryen

He is ill and is dying. I think he will die in the next couple of episodes at Castle Black. They will change the circumstances of his death in the show as Sam isn’t going to Oldtown.

Shireen Baratheon

She could be sacrificed to The Lord Of Light to bring back Jon Snow as Azor Ahai Reborn relieving him from his vow to the Nights Watch. He has died and now his watch has ended leaving him able to follow Stannis to Winterfell and allowing him to freely get revenge for his family.  I could be thinking way too much into this one as I am wearing my tinfoil hat.

Ser Jorah Mormont

He has contracted Grayscale. He won’t logically remove his own hand. The disease will fester. He’s another character who will rather keep his pride than his life. He reaches the fighting pits in Meereen (as seen in the trailer) and I think he will give his life for Dany as a last blowout for her on his path to redemption.

Myrcella Baratheon

Killing Myrcella could be the next part of the Maggy The Frog propechy. Joffery is dead. Myrcella could be next and then Tommen. By definition she would be outliving all of her children. The Sand Snakes & Ellaria Sand want revenge for Prince Oberyn and Princess Elia. Both were killed by Tywin Lannister’s Mad Dog, The Mountain. One’s head was squished like a grape and the other was raped and then cut in half with a giant steel sword. They’re annoyed that Prince Doran sits idly doing nothing. They’re thinking, how many Martells do the Lannisters have to kill before he acts? Killing Myrcella would start a war for sure. They want war, killing her would do the trick. Ellaria could take the part of Darkstar. Myrcella loses an ear to Darkstar but in this case she would lose a lot more than an ear.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow wants to unite The Watch and The Wildlings as one force. He wants to end the feud between Crows and Wildlings and have them make common cause. Winter Is Coming and they must cooperate with one another in order to survive. “We can learn to live with the Wildlings, or we can add them to the army of the dead.” Many members of the Nights Watch don’t like Jon Snow and his feelings towards The Wildlings. Many fans believe that episode nine (normally the big episode) will have Jon being stabbed by “daggers in the dark” because of Nights Watch Mutiny. Ollie will be part of this as his parents were butchered by Wildlings.