The Bourne Identity: Who Am I?

Based incredibly loosely on the novel by Robert Ludlum, The Bourne Identity is the tale of a man whose wounded body is discovered by some unsuspecting fishermen. They are good Samaritans in the way that they nursed him back to health. Most people would have left him to die, and think that it’d be too much hassle to look after him; especially in the middle of the sea. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) doesn’t remember anything about his life before the accident. He has no idea who he is. He is a blank slate. He remembers nothing and begins to rebuild his memory inspired by clues from a Swiss bank account. The numbers of which, are slotted in his hip. He soon sees that he’s being hunted by the US government and other forces. He takes off with Marie (Frank Potente) on a search to find himself, and why everyone is trying to kill him.

It seems Jason Bourne has superpowers. From the time Bourne discovers his…how should I put it…”abilities”, he’s not your average human. He’s takes out two cops efficiently and then there’s that awesome scene in the bank. Damon plays Bourne with the instincts of an animal living in the savanna. He’s constantly looking over his shoulder, on the lookout for incoming predators (federal agencies). He sense danger from miles away and can make weapons out of anything. He’s a trained assassin, deadly and incredibly dangerous yet he is the hero of this story. He is on a quest to find out who is, and on the run across The Continent to find out why everyone is trying to kill him. Bourne just wants to live his life in peace but peace was never an option.

Matt Damon Is Jason Bourne  (The Bourne Identity, Universal Pictures)

Matt Damon Is Jason Bourne
(The Bourne Identity, Universal Pictures)