Sausage Party: Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children

The culinary delights at Shopwell’s Grocery Store are made to believe a lie that aids them to live good lives until it’s time for them to leave for the Great Beyond. After a botched journey to the Great Beyond goes awry, Frank (Seth Rogen) and his Bunfriend Brenda (Kristen Wiig) go to great lengths to return to their packages in order to make another trip to the Great Beyond. However, as Frank journeys through the aisles of the store, his eyes are opened. He’s on a quest to discover the truth about his existence as a sausage, and that truth turns incredibly dark. Can he expose these truths to his food friends, and persuade them to rebel against their human masters?

Frank (Rogen) is our main protagonist who is on a quest to Mount Food, sorry I meant to say “of hidden truths.” He wants to make the other food products see that the “Great Beyond” is bullshit. Even though what he says is true, he comes across as a wacko conspiracy theorist. His food friends have grown to love their chains in a dungheap of the Great Beyondish fuckery. Sausage Party is racist, sexist, nihilistic and outright offensive. It’s a cinematic delight and it’s basically a giant “fuck you” to the system, confidently lifting two middle fingers at a politically correct society. This movie is certainly not for children. Seth Rogen wrote it with Evan Goldberg. What could one possibly expect from the brains behind the controversial 2014 comedy, The Interview?

Despite the shits, fucks and cunts, Sausage Party tells some hard truths about our world (Sausage Party, Columbia Pictures)

Despite the shits, fucks and cunts, Sausage Party tells some hard truths about our world
(Sausage Party, Columbia Pictures)

The animation style isn’t up to the same quality as the likes of Disney-Pixar with films like Zootopia or Frozen. Nor is it up to the class of Dreamworks with Kung Fu Panda. But it’s still a masterclass comedy. I didn’t come to see this movie for state of the art animation, I came to have my sides split from laughter, and that they did. I love how despite the film being set in a supermarket, it was right here, in the now. Especially with the fucking flappy fuck, the lavash and the entitled American bagel. This lights up the American-Middle Eastern conflict like a bloody Christmas tree. The Great Beyond is an allegory for religion. Once the hand of God picks you and blesses you with his trust (humans), everything is going to be okay. It’s a great mockery of people’s beliefs.

Standout voice performances come from Kirsten Wiig (Ghostbusters), Edward Norton (Fight Club) and Seth Rogen (Steve Jobs). The profanities are coming in like someone is shooting you with an AK full of shits, F-bombs and C-bombs. At times it becomes needless, but at other times, it perfectly fits the situations. Especially when they are in constant fear of being fucked by a giant douche. I kid you not, the main big bad is a douche who goes by the name Douche, voiced by Nick Kroll (Loving). I think my favourite scene in the whole movie is the “botched shopping cart” scene when everything goes tits up. A small spillage in the human world is a giant catastrophe in the kingdom of food and beverages, as we saw when Flour took a fall, making the shopfloor look like ground zero in the aftermath of 9/11.

Brenda Bun (Kristen Wiig) and Taco Teresa (Salma Hayek), you know just because she's Mexican. How un-PC (Sausage Party, Colombia, Pictures)

Brenda Bun (Kristen Wiig) and Taco Teresa (Salma Hayek), you know just because she’s Mexican. How un-PC
(Sausage Party, Colombia, Pictures)

Filled with stellar voice performances from all the cast, copious amounts of sex jokes and  stereotypes galore, Sausage Party is a must watch for all members of the un-PC community who can take a joke. If you don’t get offended easily, this is a must watch. It’s intentionally satirical about all races and religions. Despite the serious undertone, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. All in all, such a class movie and will be one I’ll be buying on DVD. Sausage Party is a freaking banter fest. It makes Gordon Ramsay look like a choir boy. Sausage Party is lit, and I’m not just talking about those sausages getting high on dank weed.

Once you see that shit, it will fuck you up for life

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