The Lion King: A Fancasting For A Disney Live Action Adaptation

Summary: Young Simba, Prince Of The Pride Lands is banished by his cruel uncle Scar who claims he murdered his father. While Scar rules with fear and intimidation, Simba grows up far from the Savannah living under the philosophies and ideologies of “Hakuna Matata”. It means no worries for the rest of your days, and that some things are out of our power and have to be accepted for what they are. But when his past comes back to bite him, Prince Simba must take his fate into his own hands, fight for Pride Rock and be the king that the pride of Pride Rock deserve.


(Lion King, Walt Disney Pictures)

The Lion King was by far my favourite Disney animated feature film as kid, and it still is now. This movie has a great ensemble of characters that are awesome to watch and this is Disney filmmaking at its finest. Normally, I would have been dead set against a live action interpretation of this great tale. But after the success and grand work on The Jungle Book, I have had a change of heart. I thoroughly enjoyed The Jungle Book. This is the time to create an epic CGI adventure, when we’re in thick of this epic filmmaking era. We are in a time where we are witness to Disney reviving old classic Disney tales in the live-action form. We’ve been witness to Maleficent and Cinderella, with Beauty and The Beast coming in 2017 starring Emma Watson as Belle.

NB: This would be a kid’s movie much alike The Jungle Book where the musical content would be at a minimum, if any at all. I’d go for a more serious attempt at the story as it’s inspired by Hamelt. Maybe something akin to the darkness of Favreau’s Jungle Book.

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