Frozen: A Tale Of Two Sisters: A Fancasting For A Live Action Film

This story jumps between past and present using flashback scenes

Once upon a time, there were three sisters called Ingrid (AnnaSophia Robb), Helga (Dakota Fanning) and Gerda (Lily Collins). One sister Ingrid, was born with magical powers that had burdened their bloodline for generations. One day, she lost control of her powers and killed Helga in a horrific and brutal fashion. There were screams and lots of blood, with the whole palace covered in ice. Gerda exiled her sister forever. Upset and angry she ran away, Ingrid was never seen again. Leaving Gerda to become queen thus ruling over all of Arendelle. One day, a handsome prince came from a far off land. His name was Prince Agnarr (Armie Hammer). Marrying Gerda, they had two children, unknowing that their first child Elsa (Alexa Gerasimovich) had the same powers the exiled Ingrid. They locked Elsa away so she couldn’t hurt anyone as Ingrid had. We also have Anna (Oona Laurence), who King Agnarr and Queen Gerda loved dearly. She was their favourite child, as they had no need to fear her because she was normal.

One day when the children were around ten (Anna) and fourteen years old (Elsa), the king and queen decided to sail away to find a cure for Elsa’s disease, as they liked to call it. They didn’t want to live a life of fear. They sailed away, and they never seen again, leaving Elsa and Anna orphaned. Ten years later Anna (Shailene Woodley) and Elsa (Elle Fanning) are all grown up, with Elsa as Queen Of Arendelle. An older bitter Ingrid (Tilda Swinton) has been living in exile for these past twenty-odd years and now she wants her kingdom back. With her powers, the backing of Hans (Tom Hiddleston) and his twelve brothers, victory is all but a surety, even if she has to kill her nieces to get it. Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Snow Queen’ and featuring our favourite characters from the worldwide phenomenon, this is a darker version of the Disney movie (no songs) that would make for wonderful adaptation; reminiscent to the Brothers Grimm tales consisting of Danish history, politics of the realm, culture and war.

Young Anna and Elsa from the animated movie (Frozen, Walt Disney Pictures)

Young Anna and Elsa from the animated movie
(Frozen, Walt Disney Pictures)

Main Characters

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Child Characters

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Director: Steven Spielberg

Screenwriters: Jennifer Lee & Phil Lord

Producer: Steven Spielberg

Cinematography: Janusz Kaminski

Motion Capture: Weta Workshop

Music: Howard Shore

Distributed By: New Line Cinema

Supporting Characters

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Additional Characters

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Fear makes enemies of us all