Fancasting British Literature: Martin Amis’ Money

John Self (Dominic West) is addicted to the twentieth century. Porn addict and dabbler of wealth and women, Self is a renowned fast-food junkie where money in your pocket beats out common sense. In New York City, mingling with the big shots, he’s making a fortune, but spending more than he earns. He’s in deep with the wrong sorts (including loan sharks), and the brutality of money’s monopoly in the West’s perpetual money conspiracy is killing him. He doesn’t even know it.

Main Characters

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Creator: Martin Amis

Writers: Martin Amis & Brian Coppelman

Series Director: Danny Boyle

Cinematographer: Brian Tufano (Trainspotting)

No. Seasons: One

Supporting Characters

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No. Episodes: Eight

Distribution: Sky Atlantic (UK) & HBO (US)

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Running Time: 60 mins

Certificate: 18

Additional Characters

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Money is one of those books that is more applicable now than ever. We live in a society that’s run on capitalist ideals and questions like “how much?”. Money rules this society. Showtime’s Billions shows what people do for it. Why shouldn’t Britain make a show like it? Though Billions, and Money are completely different beasts entirely.

Weapons are like money; nobody knows the meaning of enough

Martin Amis