Fancasting British Literature: Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca

On a vacation in Monte Carlo the rich widower Maxim de Winter (Michael Fassbender) meets a young lady, one who works as a companion (servant) to Mrs Van Hopper (Kathy Bates).
The young woman and Mr de Winter spend lots of time together, which leads to her becoming the next Mrs de Winter (Carey Mulligan). She is taken aback when they return to his huge estate after their honeymoon, a place called Manderley.

She must learn to deal with a huge house and many servants, but the most daunting task is being in the company of the housekeeper Mrs Danvers (Maria Doyle-Kennedy). Things start to get strange and then something is found in the sea.
It’s been over seventy-five years since the last film adaptation of Rebecca, and the only other adaptation was a TV miniseries in 1997. I’ve cast most of the characters, omitting some whom I believe can be cut out without tarnishing the story.

My Cast

Main Characters

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Director: Sofia Coppola

Screenwriters: Emma Thompson & Sofia Coppola

Producer: Anita Overland (My Cousin Rachel)

Supporting Characters

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Cinematographer: Cinders Forshaw (Poldark)

Music: Rachel Portman

Additional Characters

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Running Time: 120 mins

Distributor: Lionsgate

Certificate: 12A

Minor Characters

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If you’re asking yourself why I haven’t cast the role of Rebecca, it’s because the character is scarier than any physical image any person can create. Whether that be a ghost or through a voice, having the audience see her ghost or the real Rebecca through flashbacks would take something away from the character. I think she’s creepier by not being there at all, as she lives in Mrs de Winter’s mind and that’s haunting.

“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again” and this is one remake I do wish would come into fruition