Fancasting British Literature: C. S. Lewis’ The Last Battle

This is the seventh and final fancasting in a thread of posts in which I’ve fancasted the Narnia novels; this is the sequel to The Silver Chair.

Released in 1956, The Last Battle details the end of the world in the destruction of Narnia. Edmund (Sam Riley), Peter (Max Irons) and Lucy Pevensie (Dakota Fanning) return to Narnia.
Professor Kirke (Mark Rylance) and Polly Plummer (Phyllis Logan) also return, as does the Pevensies’ cousin Eustace (Finn Cole) and his friend Jill Pole (Saoirse Ronan).
Together, they make the Seven Friends of Narnia who have helped save it at one point or another, or more than once if your last name is Pevensie.
During the final days of Narnia, the world faces its most daunting challenge yet. Not some foreign invader from Telmar or The North, but an evil within Narnia itself. Lies and deceit have taken root, started by an ape called Shift (James Frain) and his lackey, a donkey named Puzzle (Michael Gambon).
Only King Tirian (Sam Claflin), The Seven Friends of Narnia and other loyalists can help prevent the destruction of a land they all love in this beautifully tragic end to The Chronicles of Narnia series.

My Cast

Main Characters

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Creator: Ronald D. Moore (Outlander)

Writers: Anne Kenney & Julian Jones (Merlin)

Series Director: Anna Foerster

Supporting Characters

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Musical Score: Bear McCreary (Black Sails)

Cinematographer: Anne Foerster

No. Seasons: One


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No. Episodes: Ten

Distribution: BBC One (UK) & Starz (US)

Production: BBC Wales & Sony Pictures Televison

Aslan’s Country #1

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Running Time: 60 mins

Certificate: PG

Aslan’s Country #2

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“Further up and further in” and this is where our story ends; Narnia is destroyed and all of our characters are dead, living in Aslan’s Country (heaven)