Brave: A Fancasting For A Live Action Film Adaptation

Set in Scotland during the 1740s, my interpretation of Brave features a young Scottish princess called Merida (Sophie Skelton). She’s a sharp-shot archer but rebellious daughter of Queen Elinor (Michelle Fairley) and King Fergus (Brian Blessed). When Merida’s younger brothers: Hamish (Tom Holland), Harris (Logan Lerman) and Hubert (Asa Butterfield) are kidnapped by English mercenaries, Merida must unite the the clans and bring the perpetrators to justice. But uniting the clans proves hard work. Each clan has some quarrel with another, and she must make them see past their grievances and do what needs to be done.

She’s a great archer and a young woman, but more importantly she’s a lady. Before they can follow her, she must earn their respect and that is easier said than done. She has to prove that her sex isn’t a disadvantage and that she’s just as capable as any man. Set on the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, my version of Brave will be much darker than the Disney animation: a depiction of Highlander culture; riddled with history, politics, mystery, magic and mythology. Not to forget to mention a good old-fashioned battle climax scene to rescue the heirs of Clan Dunbroch.

N.B: Certain characters have been aged up to adapt to the nature and themes of this story.

Director: Patty Jenkins

Screenwriters: Diana Gabaldon & Michael Hirst

Distributed By: Universal Pictures

Music: Bear McCreary

Cinematography: Fabian Wagner

Merida (Kelly Macdonald) & Elinor (Emma Thompson) from the animated movie (Brave, Walt Disney Pictures)

Merida (Kelly Macdonald) & Elinor (Emma Thompson) from the animated movie
(Brave, Walt Disney Pictures)

The Royal Family

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Supporting Characters

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Additional Characters

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