Poetry: The Story Of A Not So Pure Country

England, a land built on injustice
Enslavement, blackmail and thieving
A small island that floats in silence
Yet makes the loudest noise

Keep calm and carry on
Says the businessman, the aristocrat
And the politician, because they have more
Than those that are poor

The rich hiding behind their gates
Whilst peering through cracks
With such poisonous venom and hate
With no care for the people of their state

The motto of this not so great land;
Keep calm because we are British
Born with a silver spoon in our mouth
Are those that live in the summery south?

The real north suffers in silence
With winter and snow
And uncontrollable violence
Pneumonia, frost bite and bitter weather
Now the real north is at the end of their tether

Through colonialism this land has conquered
Enslaved and shackled millions of innocents
To make plenty of cash and live in splendour
Whilst throwing numerous lives in a blender

Parading around in their red coats with their rifles
And not one man can ask one question, not even a trifle
Abusing their status for their own gain
While the working class are proclaimed insane

Previously known as the Minutemen
Lone rogues who rebelled
Labelled as tyrannical hooligans who belong in cells
Rebels who became heroes of their country

The Sons Of Liberty fought for their land
While the English soldiers bloodied their sand
After much blood has been spilled, America wins
With both sides atoning their sins

Sam Adams, the instigator with nothing to lose
But we all know the Adams’ come along in twos
John, needed convincing but once he was on-board
His ethical ideologies were cut up with a sword

John Hancock, born with too much money
And faced artillery fire like a fluffy bunny
Then there was John number three who we all fear
Watching him fight was something to revere

Ben, famous of them all
His face engraved stone
Upon a mountain top
Rather than the last whiskey drop
And becoming a flop

4th of July 1776,
Left the British running away
With tails between their legs
And running on pegs

A free country, a new bill is signed
The Declaration Of Independence
With much hard work
And Mad King George has gone berserk

George Washington is worshipped like a martyr
But he sold slaves whilst buyers barter
I do wish slavery was all but a dream
But this is how harsh humanity is
While the rich stand with esteem

Thrashes, lashes and gashes
Made by the Cat O’ Nine Tails
While the other slaves
Only hear distant wails

Solomon survived a brief stint as a slave
Yet he experienced slavery, 12 Years a brave
Master Ford was a kind soul but
Master Epps was guilty of theft
And Patsy wept when Northup left

Hong Kong discovered opium first
But England couldn’t contain
Their unfathomable thirst
England blackmailed Honk-Kong
Did it ever occur to the English?
That they might have been wrong?

India, one of the most brutal atrocities
Yet England continue with their monstrosities
Mowed down Indians whilst they pray
Whilst laughing over the bodies on this hot day
Gandhi thought enough was enough
Leading hunger strikes and a march
Whilst the empire force-fed him starch

The rivalry with Scots stems way back in history
Because of the English’s class rules and bigotry
The Jacobite risings pissed the English off
Because they weren’t as well versed with
Table manners like tofts

The Irish feud with English is more than
just Catholics and Protestants
It’s an abuse of Capitalism you see?
And the English would laugh with glee
The English would raise the rent,
to make it unaffordable for the working class
And then let it out to the rich like an economic farce

We live on this floating fortress
On the long lake yet
All we do is take! Take! Take!
Have some compassion for god’s sake

The English simply can’t be trusted
Their personalities are just plain busted
As a nation, we play a façade
We mean one thing and then
We say, “On Guard!”