Poetry: The Blacklist

Here come the fuzz
Hiding behind their badge of honour
Violating civil liberties
With their cuffs, batons and hats

They’re here to protect us
Or so they’d have us believe
With those lies that they weave
You there! Stop! Police!

Why officer? I said, quite perturbed
In my school uniform
Red tie, black blazer, white shirt
Searched from top to bottom

My pockets emptied
My rucksack too
Only books and sportswear they found
Now all in a heap on the ground

Everyone stared at the scene
The ridicule of this adolescent teen
Searched without any form of cause
Merely on stereotype and lawful clause

The latest addition to the Blacklist
Violated and naked, a wakeup call at fourteen
Slapped by social realism
Searched because I was black

What did they expect to find?
Meth, marijuana or guns?
My Breaking Bad season five
After which, I took an emotional dive

Judged on colour and creed
Not by my actions or a deed
Guilty because of my race
With no justice in this case

Are we in a free world?
Maybe for some, white people
But not for black folk
Judged at every turn and corner

From that day, I was now weary;
Cynical, pessimistic and distrusting
This isn’t freedom
This is fear