Poetry: Just Think

Inspired By: Charlie Chaplin’s Speech in ‘The Great Dictator’

The Crown is a ruck of busy bodies, necks
crooked with materialism: wrecked by
power-driven minds, kindness in rewind.
I’d like to help everyone – man, woman,
black man – white. We live by people’s

happiness, not sadness – there’s room for
everyone, a lifestyle free from fights for
love and the Earth’s fruits, but we have lost
the way, allotting numbers to our worth.

He’s my favoruite artist for a reason, forever the poet
(Bob Marley Quotes, Quotefancy.com)

Greed has tainted our souls, in jails controlled
by hate, knock-kneed in civil unrest and warfare:
We’re happy robots driving fast cars but our
minds minds minds, are behind bars.

The internet provokes cynicism – with wired
attire like Xavier’s Cerebro: life is violent,
lost to technology – things that bring out
humanity’s resourcefulness, victims of a
system that tortures – Rothschild

Murdoch, Rockefeller: families who thrive
on public chaos, fear of human progress.
Puppeteers die, and power will return to
the people – liberty won’t perish…

So, is humanity becoming more machine than man?
(Westworld, HBO)

Ha, that’s wishful thinking: Dulce –
No – Decorum – No – Pro patria mori.
The Man despises us, and thus oppression
continues to condition us like cattle with

machine minds, machine hearts. No, we
are people with love in our souls: only
The unloved hate – Power To The People!
Make it free and beautiful.

A brave new world, no Winston Smith, no
Big Brother – a chance to build something
good together – a gateway to fight back
against corporate oversight, as dictators

The more I observe, the more I see the world of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four
(1984, Atlantic Releasing Corporation)

handcuff brains to corporations. Do
away with invisible borders and greed –
fight for a world of reason. In the
name of democracy, I can drink to that.

Hear! Hear!