Poetry: Humanity’s Code Of Conduct

Ever since I was kid, I always hid
Behind the sofa, from the idiot box
In my pyjamas and socks
Analysing the latest lies,
the government could devise

Keeping to the shadows and crevices
And now we sit on a precipice of a new era
The age of Big Brother

Marx and Orwell were right
1984 written in 1948
Now it doesn’t matter
Because we’re too late

Labelled as crazy
For being the black sheep
Whilst the public lay sound asleep
Now their predictions have left the dark
And the media eats us up like a shark

News anchors preaching death and destruction
Humanizing murder as if it was normal
A place where the media packages suffering
Like selling a box of chocolates

The newsreader sits there eyeballing the camera
Cold, emotionless and unflinching
A society that has adapted to war
Full of injustice and gore

What is the purpose?
Playing politics with people’s lives
All the government does is connive
Manipulate, devastate, and propagate

The darkness has come
A society led by psychopaths
Wikileaks thrusts them into the light
War criminals, killers and thieves

Assange, Snowden, Manning
Standing up for what is right
Stepping into the light
Vigilante hackers or freedom fighters?

Now fugitives from the law
Wanted for what they saw
Hiding in the darkness
Keeping to the shadows like Batman

Now, riddle me this
For daring to disagree
While the fat cats in suits
Are laughing with glee

Rebelling against the Patriot Act
Which occurred after 9/11
Now they screw the government
Sometime after 7/7

Yet we sit idly by
Reading, Okay!
With Katie Price and Kim K
Now go outside

Look at this desolate landscape
Forest fires and corporate liars
Once riddled with vegetation
Now, all I see is deforestation

A degenerating canopy and endangered species
The Black Rhino, chimpanzee and gorilla,
Also the red panda and the chinchilla
Now not much longer will they meander
With monkey, tiger, snake and kung fu panda

And all the world’s animals
Are going down the sink
Because of humanity’s lust
To pull the trigger and not think

The world’s darkest door is capitalism
Lust for money is a lust for power
A desire that is grasped at more
Than having a shower

Everyone can smell,
the sweet aroma of cash
Pound, Euro and Dollar that
Throws precious life in the trash

Oh the shop’s closed
It doesn’t matter
Online shopping
Amazon! Etsy! Ebay!
Yay or nay?

Murdoch adds propaganda, false media
To manipulate and drug the masses
With his subtle journalistic gasses

Obama is chief and commander
But is consistently
At the brunt of prejudice and slander

A people’s history defined by slavery
Shackled by chains
Always at the end of the finger of blame
Even now, it’s still the same

Injustice is too familiar
Justice is lacking
And the corrupt people in power
Could do with a sacking

Bound by Jim Crow laws
Riddled with infinite flaws
The black man suffers
While YouTube just buffers

Since two thousand and four
Facebook knocks on our door
With comments, likes and shares
With cyber glares from this tree house of horror

Stop poking me!
No more Candy Crush requests
Block! Unfriend!
Who added me?

Humanity is an open book
Social media, free to the masses
A façade full of fake personalities
Hiding behind their screens

Everyone’s hopes, fears and dreams
Are as obvious as it seems
All their beliefs inscribed
In this virtual funfair and bribes

CCTV, laptops and all this tech
No arc reactor you might say #getrekt
But this has made our nature dark
And incredibly arrogant like Tony Stark

Black men are thieves
Muslims are terrorists
Mexicans are illegal and
White men are regal

Demonized as terrorists are Muslims
Judged on the actions of a few
Judge Christianity did we, on the miracles of a Jew?

Now to end this tome with Syria and Turkey
We are humans as a species
But we treat these migrants like feces
We are playing pass the parcel
And the West is our castle