Poetry: An Unhealthy Affliction Of Currency

Money is the world’s greatest killer
People who you thought friends
Are now enemies then they
Come back to you as frenemies

The sweet scent of materialism
The best minds are corrupted by
Something as trivial yet necessary as money
They become so greedy, it’s not even funny

A society consumed by greed
Sown by a capitalist seed
We can’t see beyond our own desire
A world wrought with war, poverty and disease
Yet we all indulge in riches with ease

Wall Street crashed in 1930
An unsinkable economy we all thought
And now all the consumers have is nought
This is capitalism, a love story

We are living in this erotic novel
People love money more and grovel
It’s a passionate love affair
With Queen Elizabeth’s glare from the note

A moral crime that we all are guilty
Pretending to be philanthropists
On our moral high horses
In our love our own biographical romance

It’s enough to drive one mad
But in finery we are clad
Like a dragon laying in his golden bed
Under the mountain in the halls of Erebor
Gold coins, swords and dwarvish weaponry
Under all that lays the greatest treasure,

The Arkenstone
A stone so shiny
Found in the heart mountain
With everyone’s streaming tears in
Awe like a fountain

Too much money corrupts all
Send the purest of souls onto
A precipice of destruction
Tempted by materialism

Led on a dark road by a fallen angel
Money gets us things
Trinkets, food and more
And when we have none
It leaves us feeling sore

I have seen what money does to a person
Having too much or too little
It turns men into beasts
And they lick their lips and feast

My experience wasn’t my own
It was my mother
She was only a victim
But here she made her first mistake

Never borrow money from your best mate
It wasn’t Auntie Debbie’s fault
It was that fat head husband of hers
A deceiver, manipulator, liar

Greedy, full of glutton
Fat with money
Eyes with pound signs
Mom with infinite fines

Debt after debt
Every day, she’d fret
It’d leave her in distress
And a horrendous mess

Two kids to cater for
While the sum would
Increase forever more

Remorseless, cold, unflinching
Uncle Trevor could do with a lynching
Capitalism is a means to end
And money should never be lent to a friend

I despise the concept of money
It makes my stomach tight
Like someone is twisting knot with my intestines

It actually sickens me
Yet I watch these pirates
Like Mr Smee help Captain Hook
Steal a plunder and flee

Money makes me physically sick
Gut wrenching and then my body heaves
The lumps and chumps of my vomit
Someone is stirring a hotpot in my stomach
Amidst the hydrochloric acid and that makes
My body weak and flaccid

Stuck in a job I despise
Whilst my family tell me to think of the cash
Is this what motivates people?
I want to do something that means something
Not for material gain, but because it feels right

This is why I will never fit in this world
A society motivated by materialism
I don’t give a crap about money I say
I get a look like I just dropped the honey

I am held down by capitalism’s iron fist
And on my back grows an economic cist
I am finding it hard to breath
Being suffocated by this boa constrictor

Damn! I must be pay rent
Must pay for food
My very existence is relative
To how much cash I have

Isn’t it a right to live?
To breath
To feel the air on my cheeks
The sun on my face

Feel the wind and the breeze
And not have to think about
This corporate sleaze
Even to live is a luxury

In my lifetime, we will have exhausted the planet
Because we have absorbed all its resources in our gannet
We are coming to a time where
They will regulate oxygen for material gain
And I will in an asylum, mad and insane

I will not conform to these false needs
And plant these capitalist seeds
I will live the best I can without conforming
Whilst the planet dwindles with global warming