Ours Is The Story: Joffery Baratheon & Edward Of Lancaster

King Joffery was a bloodthirsty, sociopathic, vile, treacherous boy bitch of royal lineage. Joffery was born to Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister or so they have the realm believe. We, as viewers and readers know that he is one of three children born of incest to Cersei and Jaime Lannister. The other children are, Tommen and Myrcella Baratheon but are truly usurpers to the Iron Throne. Edward of Lancaster was an only child. His parents were Henry VI (Mad King) & Margaret D’Anjou. He was born eight years hence of their wedding and in the midst one of Henry VI’s periods of mental illness. Whispers began to form that Queen Margaret had slept with one of her close friends in order to have Edward. The rumours were put to bed with both the Duke of Somerset and the Earl of Wiltshire on the list. She could have been fucking Osmund Kettleback and Moonboy for all we know.


Edward’s other titles included Prince Of Wales and Edward Of Westminster.
Robert Baratheon was naïve to the incestuous goings on between Cersei and her brother, The Kingslayer and was oblivious that all his children were Lannister bastards. Every Baratheon has been ‘black of hair’ and then three comes out with ‘blond of hair’. He does not think something is up because he has his wine and his whores. What else could a king ask for right?
Henry VI never doubted Edward’s legitimacy and had him declared Prince of Wales as normal Margaret was mostly disliked as queen. The whispers would have been an easy way to revoke her authority as Henry VI’s mental state degraded.

In comparison to Henry; In A Feast For Crows, Cersei loses her mind and all control of the courts to the Tyrells and Kevan Lannister when she is accused of adultery, murdering the former-High Septon amongst other things. She then has to do a Penance Walk through the streets of Kings Landing. After this she has a trial in which she demands trial by combat. This way of doing things seems to be recurring event for the Lannisters. She names Ser Robert Strong (revived Gregor Clegane) AKA Frankengregor as her champion. Many fans are hoping the popular theory known as Cleganebowl comes to pass.They want Sandor to fight for Faith against Ser Robert Strong whom will fight for Cersei.


You would not want to be given housekeeping duty for all the money in world if Joffery was home alone. You would always be looking over your shoulder to check whether he was standing with a fully loaded crossbow primed and ready aimed at you. From season one (A Game Of Thrones),he shows a listless number of incredibly negative characteristics. He did not give a care to Bran’s permanent maiming, he lied about Arya disarming him in the name of pride, and he had his bodyguards beat Sansa Stark for him just for the witty banter. In the last season, his sadistic treachery reaches new heights when he tortures and murders Ros.

Nobody is on the same level of Joffery but Edward was described as quite an aggressive boy.

“This boy, though only thirteen years of age, already talks of nothing but cutting off heads or making war, as if he had everything in his hands or was the god of battle or the peaceful occupant of that throne.”

Ambassador of the Duchy of Milan (1467)

Joffery was not just a talker. Talkers make the Hound hungry and thirsty. Perhaps he will have two chickens. He had people kill for him. He had the Hound kill the butcher’s boy and he had Ser Ilyn Payne remove Ned Stark’s head at The Great Sept Of Baelor. When Tyrion gave Joffery two whores as a gift on his nameday, he had one torture the other in his chambers with a club.

The prince gave himself to the art of combat and weaponry when he was a man. He seated himself on fierce and half-tamed horses motivated by his spurs. He often enjoyed assaulting the young companions attending him with weapons such as lances and swords.

Joffery is a hypocrite in the sense that he orders all these killings but never does any himself. He runs away from battle. E.g. The Battle Of Blackwater. Joffery and Janos Slynt are bred from the same cloth. They both ran from battle. One lost his head at the hand of a bastard and the other was killed by his grandmother-in-law at the wedding.


Joffrey is first engaged to Sansa Stark, eldest daughter of the disgraced Lord Of Winterfell, Eddard Stark. Also she was the sister of an even more treasonous man, The King in the North, Robb Stark. Joffrey takes much pleasure in torturing Sansa physically and mentally. When the rebellion against him is brought to an end, Joffrey is married off to one of his other enemy’s women called Margaery Tyrell. Her family had backed Renly Baratheon’s claim to the throne but had been recruited by Lord Petyr Baelish. Petyr Baelish brokered the alliance between House Tyrell and House Lannister thus winning The Battle Of Blackwater.

When Edward was seventeen he was betrothed to Anne Neville who was fourteen. Anne was the younger daughter of Richard, Earl of Warwick (The Kingmaker), who had lately become disillusioned with Edward IV and had switched to support House Lancaster. One could call him Richard Turncloak. Their marriage was meant to strengthen Warwick’s moves and make sure he, unlike the king’s brother George (married to his other daughter, Isabel) would not turn his cloak to support Edward. After escaping from her brother-in-law George’s custody, Anne then married George’s brother, Richard of York whom we all know as Richard III, the famous king that was found beneath a car park in Leicester, England.

Edward was a lover of warefare and violence. He was killed by his hobby. He fought at the Battle of Tewkesbury, his mother’s last attempt to defeat Edward IV. She failed failed and Edward was killed at only seventeen years old. This would have during the battle or trying to flee. Afterwards, accounts describe him being executed by the king’s brother George Duke Of Clarence. Much like Jaime Lannister, George had shits for honour and killed the person who he was meant to protect. He killed his liege lord. Jaime killed Mad King Aerys and George killed Edward.