Is Roose Bolton A Skinchanging Immortal Other?

Hypothesis: Roose Bolton magically steals other people’s identities by wearing their skin. He is a skin changing Other immortal hybrid type creature. He lives forever by wearing other people’s skins.

Roose Bolton is the head of House Bolton and Lord Of The Dreadfort. Their sigil is an upside-down flayed man. Their words are “Our Blades Are Sharp”. Roose had two children. He had a legitimate son, Domeric Bolton and a bastard called Ramsay Snow who poisoned Domeric Bolton. Ramsay was legitimized after taking Moat Cailin for his father. Roose was named Warden Of The North after the Red Wedding where he turned on his liege lord, Robb Stark, and killed him by thrusting a dagger into his heart.

“If the kinslayer is accursed, what is a father to do when one son slays another?”

Reek III A Dance With Dragons


Roose Bolton is feared by many. The Bolton’s are renowned throughout the realm for skinning their enemies and wearing those skins as cloaks. But his personality does him no favours and his appearance is less than heart-warming. He and Ramsay have an enthusiasm for flaying. They are both sociopaths through and through. He is described as heartless, emotionless and ghostlike. The following quotes show that.


“This is a cold man”

Catelyn IV A Storm Of Swords


“On Roose Bolton’s face, rage and joy looked much the same”

Reek II A Dance With Dragons


“I should have had the mother whipped and thrown the child down a well”

Reek III A Dance With Dragons


“My mother taught me not to throw stones at cripples but my father taught me to aim at their head”

Ramsay Bolton

Plus Ramsay enjoys torturing Theon. He flays his fingers and cut some of them off, then has him castrated and eats a pork sausage in front of him.

“People talk about phantom limbs. An amputee might have an itch where his foot used to be. So, I’ve always wondered, do eunuchs have a phantom cock? Next time you think about naked girls, would you feel an itch?”

Ramsay Bolton


They like flaying:

“Strip off their skins. Lord Bolton, he used to say a naked man has few secrets, but a flayed man’s got none”

Ramsay As “Reek” To Theon Greyjoy

Lord Bolton could be doing this. He could be jumping from one person to another over centuries. He may be identity hopping. In A Song Of Ice & Fire/Game Of Thrones there are many immortal beings such as: White Walkers and The Bloodraven. His eyes have been described as: pale, cold and ice-like. He resembles an ‘Other’.

We are not unaccustomed to the magic of the Faceless Men from Braavos. The most notorious Faceless Man that we know being Jaqen H’ghar from Lorath. It is possible to somebody else’s skin over your body as disguise. It is a form of blood magic. Melisandre uses blood magic when she foreshadows the deaths of: Robb Stark, Renly Baratheon, Balon Greyjoy and Joffery. She knows that the War Of Five Kings is unimportant in comparison to what is happening Beyond The Wall.


“These little wars are no more than a scuffle of children before what is to come. The one whose name may not be spoken is marshalling his power … a power fell and evil and strong beyond measure. Soon comes the cold, and the night that never ends … Unless true men find the courage to fight it. Men whose hearts are fire”


Blood Magic is also used in Daenerys’ story arc when the witch sacrifices a horse to bring back Khal Drogo. She knew what she was doing. She kills Rhaego using blood magic and ends up being burnt alive for her crimes. It Daenerys seems is taking after Melisandre. Well the Red God is highly followed in the Free Cities across the Narrow Sea.

Old Nan tells Bran stories of wildlings. Wildings were supposed to be just a story. Then they came in the great numbers. E.g. The Battle Of Castle Black. We know as readers and viewers that the Others are not just a story say. In a more real sense, many believe that stories are based off real things or people and have been fabricated through time. Who is to say that someone like Robin Hood was not real? What about Arthur Of The Roundtable? Ponder that thought.

“The wildlings are cruel men, said slavers (stealing wives) and slayers and thieves. They consorted with giants and ghouls, stole girl children in the dead of night and drank blood from polished horns.”

Bran I: A Game Of Thrones

Another Story:

“A man loved a woman as white as the moon with eyes like blue stars. He gave his seed and his soul to the woman.“

Old Nan

Old Nan says this man was a Bolton. The woman is showing an uncanny description of an Other. A child could have been born out of this and thus begins the line of House Bolton. Blood and lineage is very important in A Song Of Ice & Fire. The Starks are notorious for having warging abilities. The Jon Snow parentage charade could also have magical properties. He part Stark and part Targaryen. He could be a warg and have a way with dragons. He is ‘A Song Of Ice & Fire’ personified.

The Targaryens have gifts with dragons. Viserys & Daenerys always reference that they have the “blood of the dragon“ Well maybe not Viserys because he was little bitch but Daenerys certainly does. A child between a man and an Other would have magical properties. One property could be the gift or curse of long life. One outrageously hilarious theory is that Roose Bolton is the Nights King wearing a human mask.

Dany’s arc may finally become interesting!

Roose Bolton being all the above mentioned is very unlikely. Maybe his exceedingly pale skin is just from his malnutrition of Vitamin D from lack of contact to sunlight. The sun comes out but it is always cold. Northmen are extremely pale whereas Dornishmen, Stormlanders, Crownlanders and men of the Reach are not. The Theon Greyjoy quote may just be very poetic language from George R.R Martin. He does love to troll everyone.