Deadpool: It Was Worth The Wade

This is isn’t an ordinary comic book movie. This is a love story about our favorite ‘Merc-With-The-Mouth’ (Ryan Reynolds) and a hot girl (Morena Baccarin). Ryan Reynold’s plays former-special forces and now mercenary Wade Wilson. He is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with extraordinary accelerated healing powers. He now runs around New York looking for the guy who left him looking like a testicles with legs, Ajax/Francis (Ed Skrein). Deadpool is wisecracker and he has quite frankly washed out his mouth with acid. Reynold’s returns to the role he first played in X-Men: Origins in this eighth X-Men movie.

The script was on point with very amusing and witty dialogue. Sex jokes at every turn with no shortage of fucks to give. I also enjoyed the constant references to popular culture. I caught references to Spider-Man, The Godfather, Green Lantern, Beast (X-Men), Nightmare On Elm Street and Star Wars (Original Trilogy) to name a few. The movie had great action scenes and it was impossible to take seriously. The sheer number of dick jokes will desensitize you to their impact. Unlike other superhero movies, this isn’t for the family audience. Don’t take your kids. You will regret it when they go into school the next day pretending to be Deadpool. The writing is witty, intelligent and very amusing yet with a seriousness to it, as well as the dark and sadistic humor. There was a scene when he was killing a load of guys on the highway. The they use the time-lapse effect superbly where Deadpool says “Did I leave the stove on?” It’s things like this that were so well placed. A lot of the comedy is down to timing.


Chop! Chop! Chop! Have you seen this man?!

The acting from Reynolds (X-Men: Origins) is top-notch with sarcasm to rival a Brit. I enjoy movies and shows where they break the fourth wall. House Of Cards, The Big Short and now Deadpool. It’s awesome that Wade knows that he’s inside his own comic, or movie. For an R-Rated movie, I felt it was lacking. I think the violence should have been more concentrated. It received an age 15 certificate in the UK. I think the sheer brutality should have been more along the lines of Kick-Ass or Kingsman despite the 15 rating for them both. I have seen Deadpool twice and I left feeling robbed of the much hyped R-Rating that I was so expecting. I was underwhelmed in this regard.

Much alike a lot of movies these days, it’s typical to have a British villain thus having Ed Skrein playing the mutant known as Ajax or Francis as we begin to know him. His name being Francis is a ongoinng joke throughout the movie with the Wade and Francis playing banter-tennis with “what’s my name?” Ed Skrein (Game Of Thrones) plays a great villain. His mutant ability is heightened reflexes and a healing factor (not so great as Wolverine or Deadpool). I was shocked to find a helicarrier in the last scenes of the movie…MCU much? As well as the reference to Nick Fury in the post credits. It seems Deadpool has no fucks to give about studio politics. He does what he wants when he wants.

It's time for the chimi-fucking-changas: Deadpool V Ajax

It’s time for the chimi-fucking-changas: Deadpool V Ajax

I loved Morena Baccarin in this. Her crazy matches Wade’s crazy but I think she was underwritten. I think she could have been more than this damsel-in-distress character. Her most exciting moment wasn’t when they were celebrating the holidays in the hanky-panky style but when she helps Wade on the helicarrier. Hopefully, in the sequel coming out in 2017 she will have a more prominent role as a hero in her own right donning the latex suit as Copycat. This is the eighth X-Men movie and they were obvious reference to the Bryan Singer X-Men movies, not only Hugh Jackman references galore but the roles of Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) trying to recruit Deadpool to join the X-Men to which Deadpool replies “McAvoy or Stewart?” He knows he’s in a movie and it’s hilarious.

I like how they had a more accurate Colossus to the previous X-Men movies. He was actually Russian like in the comics and the X-Men: The Animated Series that I so enjoyed as a kid growing up rather than the Colossus in original X-Men trilogy who had been Hollywooded. Negasonic Teenage Warhead was an awesome addition to the mutant universe and is my favorite character in the movie along with Angel (Gina Carano). She’s a great hulk of a mutant and the battle of the masses between her and Colossus was great but unrealistic in parts like when she nearly suffocated him with a wire.

Wade (Ryan Reynolds) and his future baby mama Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) get up close and personal.

Wade (Ryan Reynolds) and his future baby mama Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) get up close and personal.

In conclusion, I think this was a well written and well-crafted movie. I think they should have gone for the 18 rating rather than bow to studio needs with a 15 certificate to sell more tickets. Like Ant-Man, we received a comic book accurate movie and it works well. This is Tim Miller’s directing-debut and it’s a great little movie. They have made an almost perfect movie with a humorous script but I think the feature could have been longer than the 108 minutes.

This is a fun comic book movie, a great addition to the X-Men universe and a grand addition to the comic book movie genre.

I can’t wait for the sequel…with our favorite time traveller…Cable.