Christmas: Jingle Bells Sing Carols Of Capitalist Hell

What number of times can be deemed appropriate to listen to the same Cliff Richard tracks repeatedly in the same day? I walk from one store into another and it is as if the same tracks are on a loop. How many times in a ten-hour day can one listen to the same carols bleating out at an eardrum-exploding-frequency in every store, supermarket and shopping centre in Great Britain? Christmas is consumerism in its finest form. The hordes of individuals descend on shops like a lion chasing its prey though the savannah. They see fresh meat. The items in department stores are the fresh meat. Only in the concept of Christmas, the fresh meat has no chance of escape.

Deaths and injuries occur on a mass scale. The mad dash to get certain items is equal to that of Black Friday (another example of mass consumerism). They feel the compulsive need to buy things they don’t need, purely to fit in with society’s cultural and social norms. They have a false need to buy things because their friends are. The human race, in the West, has an insatiable desire for things thus making us easy to control and removes our capacity for free and independent thought. This links in with the theorist, Herbert Marcuse. He thought that the working class have been assimilated by Capitalist ideals due to higher living standards. I am inclined to agree because the working class are thriving off reduced items due to the Christmas sales. On a normal working day, these people would not be able to buy these items due to the products being too expensive thus having more expensive tastes and higher living standards. Humanity are happy robots chasing false needs.

Wile E. Coyote and Sylvester (Logic and Reason) are chasing Road Runner and Speedy (Christmas)

Nobody cares about where the products are made or its content. The media and capitalist ideology have made Christmas a business. When something is a business, there is no looking back. Profit, Profit, Profit! Nobody cares as long as money is being made for the top 1% of society. These are the: CEOs, bankers, corporate big shots and others in high positions in big banking firms that are making the money. By definition Christmas is legalised theft under the guise of a joyous festival. Christmas lights, trees, wreaths, baubles are cultural products and are part of the West’s love of capitalism. People buy these products in abundance ever year. The action that infuriates me the most is that there is always a light war between two neighbours. Every year there are two people who think it would be clever to make their houses look like a supernova. People feel the need to buy huge amounts of lights and manikins to put on their front lawn, drive or even on the roof. They do this to outdo the opposition. They buy it out of pride and conforming to capitalist ideals.

A living tree has been killed for less than a month’s enjoyment just for presents to be placed under it. It’s selfish. It’s awful to kill nature. It’s a crime. Deforestation is not enough is it? Then millions throw them away. Why can’t the public buy a plastic tree which can be reused every year? Nature will be better off and the public still get a Christmas tree. Wastage includes gift packaging, boxes, breakage, and countless other Christmas merchandise. What becomes of all that garbage? It goes to a quarry to rot until next Christmas and history then repeats itself. From an environmental point of view, this festival is an environmental abortion.

Who's side are you on?

Who’s side are you on?

What gifts do people receive? Do they get things they need or things they want? These are false needs again. Gramsci said that entities like the media and religion are here to keep masses in line. Christmas does this as well. It keeps the public using the money they don’t have on things they don’t need. False consciousness misleads the mass public into believing they need festivals like Christmas but I believe that we do not. After Christmas, people are unhappy due to the amount of money they have spent (false needs) and many commit suicide because of debt that they got themselves into. It seems to do more harm than good. You are happy in the moment but in the aftermath you are incredibly sad and depressed.
Plus there is the constant whining of children wanting the latest gadgets. Ungrateful kids who have a roofs over their heads, education and food on the table. They have countless opportunities to participate in sport and join clubs and societies. I would say first world kids have it pretty damn good but people from the third world or descend from third world countries tend to have better manners than educated children of countries such as the UK or USA.

Not just America but the West in general.

Not just America but the West in general.

Christmas is designed for retailers and makes people feel the need to buy more for no other reason than to conform to social conventions. Not long into the New Year, people are in debt and are bankrupt due to social peer pressure. Then there New Year’s sales arrive more. More deaths and injuries occur from the mad to the high-street. Another point is that Jesus was not a Christian. He was a Jew. Every Christmas you see the religion fanatics preaching at you in the streets with cardboard signs made from materials from high-end stationery store, Staples. They have used the cultural practice of shopping to promote a Marxist act of religion. Marxists believe that religion is a society that keeps people in line.

Christmas is one, big, colossal lie. It was once a pagan festival after The Winter Solstice. We all know the story of St Nicholas (in green). There are portrayals of a joyous being with his generosity and kindness. There are pagan ties such as Odinto the Germans (from Norse Mythology). Then he was industrialized by Coca-Cola in the 1960s and was made red. In conclusion, I think the West disregarding the whole religious flavour of Christmas for materialistic ideals like money is appalling. It is a moral duty to refer back to its origins rather than just living in the “here and now”. In a nutshell, companies and retailers conforming is hilarious hypocrisy and corporate cowardice.