Benedict Cumberbatch As Dr Strange

From Sherlock Holmes to Khan to Assange to Smaug and Sauron to Strange. Cumberbatch is one of the greatest acting talents that not just Britain but the world has seen. He is part of the upcoming new generation of actors that is taking the world by storm. He is part of three major fanbases which are: Sherlock, Middle Earth and Star Trek. He’s set to be voicing Shere Khan in Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book Origins which has an epic cast including Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett. His latest completed project is The Imitation Game in which he is playing Alan Turing. Alan Turing was a mathematician who helped crack the Enigma Code during the Second World War.

Dr Strange (or Dr Vincent Strange), not be confused with the DC villain Dr Hugo Strange is a marvel superhero and Cumberbatch will be the first actor to depict him on the big screen. He has been part of superhero teams such as: New Avengers, The Defenders and The Midnight Sons. His special abilities include: highly skilled with magic, genius intellect and skilled martial artist. Strange will be the first of his kind in the universe. His powers are in fact ‘Strange’. This film will either do well or be an epic failure. This is a gamble by Marvel, much like what they did with Guardians Of The Galaxy. Guardians could have flopped but it didn’t.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a renowned actor among nerdom fandoms, so due to his big name I believe that this will do well. Cumberbatch is a marvellous actor who can play any role. He is not only an actor in fandom but he is also been in other works such as War Horse, Twelve Years A Slave and The Fifth Estate. Due to Strange having such a widely known, critically acclaimed actor, I would like it be the first Oscar nominated movie in the big awards. By big awards  I mean awards such as Best Actor In A Leading Role.

By the Flames of the Faltine, I bid you farewell.


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