Arrow VS The Flash

Seeing both Team Flash & Team Arrow come together was awesome and hilarious. Flash helps Arrow catch Captain Boomerang and Arrow helps  Flash catch a metahuman who can make people turn on each other by looking at them.The Flash is very humorous whilst Arrow has been serious and grim this season. Arrow is more of a mafia crime drama like Gotham than a superhero show. But by the time season one of Flash is done, I think that both these shows will be equal in seriousness. The crossover consisted of Oliver shooting Barry many a time and teaching Barry how not to be a cocky shit.

 Oliver: You can’t expect me to believe that you don’t want to know, once and for all, who would win me or you?

Barry: You mean if you don’t shoot me in the back.

Oliver: You gotta get over that, Barry.”

Barry: Okay, I have superpowers. You have arrows that run out.

Oliver: I have strategy and tactical awareness.

Barry: When I’m fighting you, it’s literally like you’re standing still.

Flash fans know that despite being super-fast, Barry runs into a firefight without staking out his surroundings and opponents abilities beforehand.  This is what Oliver tries to teach Barry. This is not the only thing Oliver tries to teach him. He knows that having romantic attachments to people and being a hero does not bode well. Oliver tells Barry to let Iris go for his sake, and her’s. His feelings are not only making things complicated for Iris but also unleashed a dormant rage within Barry that Prism revealed when he unleashed Flash 4.0. Thanks to Prism, Barry has a task force out for blood headed by Eddie Thawn. Arrow had the same thing with Detective Lance.

The Flash -- "Pilot" -- Image FLA101b_0360 -- Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Candice Patton as Iris West -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Lord Friendzone with Miss West

The Flash vs Arrow single combat fight was hollywood standard. It was off the freaking chain.Archery or Speed? What could make these two fight so? One civil brawl, bred of an airy word,By, old Allen, and Queen.The answer is a confrontation with a metahuman named Prism, who can bring out the rage in people by triggering the color spectrum. Barry’s regenerative ability was his worst enemy. His body held off the side effects for a while but that only made things worse as anger always gets when it is withheld. He would have killed Iris if Oliver had not joined the party.

Also, I find the dialogue between Cisco/Caitlin and Diggle quite amusing. Cisco and Caitlin’s naivety contrast with Diggle’s experience being in the field with The Arrow. They thought having superpowers conquered all rather than having brains. You can have all the powers in the world but can still be bested by making bad decisions and acting before thinking. By definition your archenemies is yourself. Arrow stood his ground against the Flash. It just shows how much of badass Oliver really is. Oliver came fully primed and loaded. He was still unprepared when Barry ran up the side of a building and dropped Oliver off . But after watching three seasons of Arrow we know how resourceful he can be. It was one triple arrow trick that finally defeated Barry. We also had a cameo from Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm.

Verdict: The Flash took an arrow to the knee but that did not cripple the episode. We had: Green Arrow, The Flash, Red Arrow, Firestorm, Captain Boomerang. Atom is coming. DC’s television universe is better than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The villains are great. Captain Cold, Heatwave, Deathstroke are coming back to Flash & Arrow. Plus the League Of Shadows and Ra’s Al-Ghul are in the next episode of Arrow titled ‘The Climb’. Nice job CW.