Scott Lang was an electronic engineer who was unable to support his family, and turned to crime. He was apprehended and sentenced to five years in jail and was released early for good behavior. When he was freed, he began to work at Stark International’s design department.

When his daughter was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, Scott scouted out the help of Dr. Erica Sondheim. She was kidnapped by Darren Cross, because he wanted help with his own heart condition. Lang broke in to the home of Dr. Henry Pym, the first Ant-Man, and stole his technology. He did this to save his daughter and Dr Sondheim. After successfully doing so, Lang attempted to turn himself in, but Pym gave him the suit, but on the condition that he uses it for good.

Multitasking between being a masked vigilante and caring for his daughter, Ant-Man worked with many super heroes/teams such as The Avengers against Taskmaster on two instances. When the Masters of Evil attacked the Avengers and took over the Avengers Mansion, Ant-Man offered his help to the Avengers in defeating the criminal super-team. Also The Fantastic Four hired him as an electronics expert when Mister Fantastic was presumed dead, and he was inducted into the team.

Marvel’s Ant Man trailer debut with the Agent Carter premiere. I love the whole look of the movie. I am glad they cast him as Scott Lang/Ant-Man. Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors and it is a chance for him as an actor to portray a role a little more serious than anything he has done before. Michael Douglas is a great choice for Hank Pym. He is a seasoned actor and I believe he will bring great talent to this movie. The movie also stars Evangeline Lily as Hope Van Dyn whom many in the Marvel fandom believe to be playing The Wasp. Many hope that Ant-Man & Wasp will be in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers III Part I & Part II. Evangeline is also a quality actor having been in Peter Jackson epic Hobbit Trilogy. Corey Stoll is playing the main antagonist, Darren Cross/Yellow Jacket. He is also growing in fame and doing a Marvel movie will be a major career boost for him. His other works include The Strain & House Of Cards.

Ant-Man is the last movie in Marvel’s Phase II and releases on the 17th July 2015.


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